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What would happen if I were not in compliance with the terms of My Enterprise Agreement?


If your company has an enterprise agreement, it is important that you understand your obligations under the enterprise agreement and comply with the terms of that enterprise agreement. Contravention of an enterprise agreement can be expensive and can result in court orders for compensation and penalties made against your company.

If you are bargaining for a union pattern enterprise agreement, it is crucial that not only you comply with the bargaining requirements in making an enterprise agreement, but also understand what the proposed terms mean to you and your business if you agree with the agreement.

Our Workplace Relations and Legal Team can help you understand your obligations under your enterprise agreement. If you have been provided with a union pattern enterprise agreement and you want to understand what it means for you, we can also help you to navigate through the bargaining process including conducting a gap analysis between the union agreement and the applicable award.

Need assistance with enterprise agreements? Please contact our Workplace Relations and Legal Team on 02 6175 5900.