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New Code of Practice for Building Energy Efficiency Assessments


As part of the implementation of the National Construction Code (NCC) 2022, the ACT Government has produced a new Code of Practice for Building Assessors producing energy efficiency rating statements for the ACT’s Energy Efficiency Rating Disclosure Scheme.

The Code of Practice has been updated to:

  • ensure consistent application of terminology across the ACT Energy Efficiency Rating Disclosure Scheme;
  • align with the terminology used throughout the building code;
  • provide clarity of definitions and obligations;
  • make clear distinctions between the software used for EER statements and Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) software used for building approval purposes;
  • remove outdated sections dealing with building code transition arrangements from 2012;
  • simplify when an energy efficiency certificate can be used as the EER Rating statement for new premises;
  • remove unnecessary requirements for statutory declarations as a red tape reduction measure; and
  • replace references to the Tree Protection Act 2004 with the Urban Forest Act 2023, which commenced on 1 January 2024.

The new ACT Government Planning website will be updated to include the updated industry information papers on NCC 2022 adoption in the ACT.

View the Code of Practice here, as well as information on the Building Code here and the Plumbing Code here.