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Labour Relations Training and Workplace Equity Plan Training 


Code Covered Entities (CCE) under the Secure Local Jobs Code (SLJC) will be familiar with the requirement to prepare a Labour, Relations, Training and Workplace Equity (LRTWE) plan as part of the tender process for projects with a value of $25,000 or more.

The plan, which should be prepared in consultation with employees, must demonstrate how the CCE intends to and will operate considering the following:

  • How the CCE will comply with the SLJC; and
  • Support for employment security, health and wellbeing of workers; and
  • Support for diversity and career development for workers.

Compliance with the SLJC is crucial if you intend to tender for and/or contract with the ACT Government for Territory-funded works.

To assist, the SLJC Team are now offering training sessions to assist Code Certified Entities to complete the LRWTE Plan. The session is scheduled for one hour and will provide you with information about completing your LRTWE plan. They will step through each of the sections of the LRTWE plan and give you useful information as well as some basic examples of how to complete your plan. They will also allow time for questions.

These sessions have been designed to be informative but also allow you the opportunity to ask members of the SLJC Team any questions you might have in relation to LRTWE plans.

Please use the link HERE to select a session to attend.