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You may have a Secure Local Jobs Code certificate, but do your Subbies?


A reminder to all Secure Local Jobs Code (SLJC) certificate holders; it’s crucial that any subcontractor you engage or plan to engage on Territory-funded projects are in possession of a valid SLJC certificate. Details of your proposed subcontractors are required to be forwarded to the Registrar to ensure their compliance with SLJC requirements throughout the project duration.

Furthermore, as certificate holders, you bear the responsibility of ensuring that any subcontractor you engage complies with the SLJC standards pertaining to their work for the duration of the project.

Please be aware that the Registrar and its authorised representatives retain the right to enter your premises for inspections to ascertain your company’s adherence to the SLJC. In cases where noncompliance is suspected, the Registrar reserves the right to suspend or cancel your certificate, impose specific conditions, and assign infringement points.

Have questions about your SLJC obligations? Reach out to the Workplace Relations and Legal Team for more information or advice on (02) 6175 5900.