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WorkSafe ACT Inspections on Residential Sites this Week Result in more Sites Being Shut Down


Members will be aware that WorkSafe ACT have been more active with their inspections, particularly on residential building sites, this week attending sites in Taylor which resulted in several sites being shut down. 


The WorkSafe ACT Commissioner, Jacqueline Agius has warned industry through the media, that notices and fines will be issued to anyone who disregards safety standards and has recommended that the residential sector “lifts its game and improve health and safety standards for all workers…”. 


The common issues relate to: 

  • Scaffolding 

  • Risks of falls from heights 

  • Site security, and 

  • Poor housekeeping 

Again, members are reminded that compliance with the Work, Health and Safety legislation is mandatory, not optional.   


If you are unsure of your obligations, or if you would like further advice on what is required of you, please reach out to our Member Services Team on (02) 6175 5900.