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Workers Compensation – your General Obligations as an Employer?


Employers obligations include:

  • holding a current workers compensation insurance policy for all their workers in the ACT
  • complying with their insurer’s injury management program
  • displaying a notice that outlines the requirements under the Act for making compensation claims, including the name of the insurer and current insurance policy details
  • establishing (and displaying) a written return to work program in consultation with workers, an approved rehabilitation provider and relevant unions
  • providing a register of injuries that is accessible to all workers
  • providing specific information required by the insurer including yearly wage reports

There are strict penalties for operating a business in the ACT without an appropriate level of workers’ compensation insurance. This means that an employer should be disclosing the correct information to ensure that the coverage provided is accurate to the number of employees AND the amount of wages being paid.

Penalties under the Workers Compensation Act 1951 (ACT) can also be imposed to a maximum of double the premium avoided over the last five years, on top of having to pay the insurance premium required to have been in place.

Workers compensation in the ACT is a privately underwritten and market driven scheme. Insurers apply to WorkSafe ACT to become ‘approved Insurers’ to offer workers compensation coverage in the ACT.

For a list of current approved insurers refer to the Workers Compensation Insurer Approval page.

Click here to view the WorkSafe ACT information and resources relating to Workers Compensation in the ACT.