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FWPCOT2239 – Trim and Cut Felled Trees

Our course comprising one day of theory and one day of hands-on operation. It provides detailed instruction on how to trim and cut felled trees, and deal with typical hazards encountered in a forest or bushland setting. The course also covers basic chainsaw maintenance and sharpening. The second day of training is carried out in the forest, where participants are given extensive practical experience in cutting and boring techniques.   This program is delivered and assessed by Southern Training Organisation RTO 91378


Participants must wear steel capped footwear and bring their own PPE. STO can provide hi visibility clothing and hard hats if required. For any specific PPE requirements please contact STO.

English language skills need to be sufficient to understand and comprehend written and verbal instructions.

Numeracy skills are needed to interpret calculations and formulas.


  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Personal equipment and chainsaw kit
  • Professional attitude and confidence
  • Chainsaw safety features and general safety
  • The cutting attachment
  • Sharpening, tensioning and depth gauge setting
  • Kickback
  • Crosscutting
  • Dealing with compression and tension in timber
  • Safe techniques for cuts
  • Using wedges
  • Environmental care procedures

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