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Q: I noticed that in the Class A, B, C licence exam study notes the section titled “Residential Building Work Insurance”, page 44, it states “an owner who is a developer who will retain four or more dwellings in the building does not need to be insured”.

I am a developer and intend to start later this year and keep six of the units. Does this mean that as I am not required to obtain fidelity certificates for this development?

A: Thank you for raising this matter regarding the Class A, B, C licence exam study notes.

It should be noted that this document, the Class A, B, C licence exam study notes provides an outline or part extract of the requirements stated in section 90 of the Building Act 2004 and should be read in context.

Section 90 of the Building Act 2004 requires coverage for the owners successors in title to be covered from risk of being unable to enforce or recover under the contract under which the work has been, is being or is to be carried out because of the insolvency, disappearance or death of the builder, it insures the owner’s successors in title against the risk of loss resulting from a breach of a statutory warranty and it insures the owner’s successors in title against the risk of loss resulting, because of the builder’s negligence, from subsidence of the land.

The developer is to insure the successors in title even though the developer is not insured.

I hope this has clarified this matter for you.

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