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Supporting Safe and Legal Parking around Worksites


Safety at work is a key priority across worksites every day. Everyone deserves to be safe when doing their job and go home safely.

Likewise, officers who work to support our safety around worksites, such as parking inspectors and traffic camera operators, also deserve safety for the important work they do.

Unfortunately, and disappointingly, Access Canberra has reported to the MBA an increase in troubling behaviour towards such officers around local construction sites. This will not be tolerated by the MBA, by Access Canberra, or by Site Managers.

All parking and traffic camera vans are equipped with dashcams and cameras. When incidents occur, these matters are reported to ACT Policing for investigation.

The focus of parking officers around worksites is on safe and legal parking. This is important for our community and business.

Illegal parking reduces accessibility, making it difficult for members of our community –œ especially children, the elderly, and persons with a disability. In addition, overstay parking deprives other persons of being able to legitimately access parking spots when required.

We understand parking options around sites can be limited. We are working with government to see what more can be done to improve parking options around building sites, particularly where multiple construction projects are underway. We will keep you updated as this work progresses.

In the meantime, it is important that you park safely and legally to support community safety and represent our industry positively. If you do this, you will not only be making our community safer, but you will avoid getting a parking fine.