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Summer is Around the Corner – Manage Risks of Heat in Your Workplace


NT WorkSafe has reported two heat-related illnesses during the first heatwave for the 2023 build-up. Two workers were hospitalised with heat stroke and dehydration respectively.

The first incident relates to a 17-year-old apprentice who worked on a roof for a full day. The following day at work, the apprentice was observed acting erratic and making errors. The apprentice saw a doctor and was directed to immediately attend the hospital where they were diagnosed with heat stroke.

The second incident relates to a 45-year-old season worker who collapsed while picking mangoes. The worker was hospitalised and treated for dehydration.

With a hot summer approaching, members are reminded of their duties to identify and manage the risks of heat in their workplace. Working in heat can be extremely hazardous and can affect workers in both indoor and outdoor environments. PCBUs should monitor the temperature and conditions of your workplace and eliminate or mitigate the risks of heat.

Members can read more information about managing heat-related risks on WorkSafe ACT – Working in Heat.

If you require any assistance relating to your duties under the work health and safety legislation, please contact our Workplace Relations and Legal team on (02) 6175 5900.