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Secure Local Jobs Code – an update from the Registrar


Following a meeting between MBA ACT and the Secure Local Jobs Code Executive Branch Manager, Ms Jen Campbell and Senior Director Assessments and Compliance , Mr Jordan James, MBA ACT Members are reminded of their obligations under the Code.

Subcontractor compliance with the Code

  • A Code Certified Entity must ensure that a subcontractor engaged to perform work on a Territory-funded project is also a Code Certified Entity.  This means that the subcontractor must have a valid Secure Local Jobs Code (SLJC) Certificate at the time that the work is performed and for the duration of their work on the project. This has been an area of concern for the SLJC team recently and can result in infringement points being imposed on your SLJC Certificate.


Ethical Treatment of Worker Evaluations and Labour, Relations, Training and Workplace Equity Plans (LRTWE)

  • The key message from the Registrar in relation to these documents (which form part of the tendering process) is to “provide as much information as you can”.
  • It is up to the Code Certified Entity, when undertaking these assessments, to demonstrate to the SLJC Team what they have done and what they are doing to prevent non-compliance with prescribed legislation.
  • If the Code Certified Entity has received accreditation, implemented systems and processes, engaged specialist and SME staff provide that evidence to us so it can be considered against any instances of non-compliance.
  • This is also essential in the development of the LRTWE plans they submit. The SLJC Team must see evidence to support the claims particularly to demonstrate that the plan has been consulted with staff as it was developed, how was it consulted, when, what was the feedback etc. The plans should be tailored to the tender and be comprehensive in the information and supporting evidence that is included.


If you have questions/concerns – speak with the SLJC team

  • If you are undertaking Territory-funded works but have questions/concerns that arise at commencement or during the project, you can speak to the SLJC to discuss your situation and the options available which may assist to avoid non-compliance with the SLJC.
  • This might be the best mitigation strategy for a Code Certified Entity, particularly where there are delays in the renewal of an SLJC Certificate or where there are delays in sourcing Code Certified subcontractors to assist you complete the works.
  • The SLJC Team also offers regular outreach and education sessions on a variety of subjects relevant to the Code and ETWE.  If this is something that you might be interested in, contact the SLJC Team.