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Safety Update


Working on or near Evoenergy Assets or Networks

MBA ACT has sought clarification over the requirements for ‘Accreditation’ and ‘Instructed Persons’ from Evoenergy. The requirements have been clarified and are set out below:

  • Anyone conducting work on or near an Evoenergy asset or network must be an ‘Instructed Person’.
  • To be an ‘Instructed Person’ the worker must complete the Evoenergy Electrical Safety Rules training provided by Evoenergy and hold a current (nationally recognised) CPR, First Aid and LVR qualification if working at ground level. If working aloft, additional training requirements are Pole Top Rescue, EWP Emergency Decent and EWP Emergency Rescue.
  • ‘Near’ means a situation where there is a reasonable possibility of a person, either directly or through any conducting medium (for example via mobile plant or insufficiently insulated or covered tools or equipment), coming within the relevant safe approach distances. The safe approach distances are set out in the attached document.
  • People working in the vicinity of an Evoenergy asset or network (outside the safe approach distance) are not required to be ‘Instructed Persons’.
  • A business must become an ‘accredited company’ by completing the online application process if they employ people who will need to be ‘Instructed Persons’ –œ meaning a PC does not need to be accredited unless they employ someone directly who will work on or near an Evoenergy asset or network.
  • There is no longer a requirement to complete the Modern Slavery Statutory Declaration for those who are not directly engaged by Evoenergy. Until the online form is updated please attach a blank attachment in that section.

These changes were effective from 1st January 2020. Evoenergy have agreed to provide a roll-out period to allow companies to meet their requirements and arrange training up until 1st July 2020 before enforcement.

Training Fund Authority (TFA) rebates may be available. Individual businesses will need to apply directly through the Training Fund.

If you require WHS advice or support, please call our office on (02) 6175 5900.