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Request for Review and Feedback: Updated Standards and Drawings for Unit Metering


Icon Water is seeking feedback on the recently proposed changes to Icon Water standard specification STD-SPE-M006: Property Service Connections and Water Metres. This standard specification has been updated to include a new section on the unit metering requirements of unit title developments. Section 8 has been added to the document to describe proposed Icon Water’s sub-metering requirements. Icon Water has also developed a new set of standard drawings to improve clarity and support this standard technical specification. These standard drawings provide comprehensive design guidelines for submetering design and installations. Icon Water seeks external feedback on these draft deliverables (attached).

The consultation period extends until June 19, 2023, during which we welcome your feedback on the proposed unit metering’s key components and the draft documentations.

Please contact Sol Asadollahi via email at if you have any questions regarding these draft standards or if you have any comments or suggestions.