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Renovations, Extensions and Dealing with Existing Works  


Over the last few weeks, the IR and Legal Team have fielded several queries in relation to undertaking works to existing dwellings.  Many of these queries relate to concerns about existing works and the members obligations to the existing structure and/or where part of the structure requires repairs to allow the new works to occur.  

Members are encouraged to include a detailed scope of works in their contract to describe the works to be undertaken.  A clause, or special condition, might then also be included into your contract to allow for some additional scope to undertake certain works to the existing structure (where necessary) so that you can complete your scope of works.   

One example of this might be where you are installing a pergola to an existing deck but noting that the deck needs some TLC before you can complete the installation of the pergola. 

Where you and your client agree to additional works being undertaken, this agreement should be documented to ensure you get paid.  Similarly, where the client does not want you to complete the works, you should get their instructions in writing. 

MBA ACT has template contracts available for purchase (at Reception and through eDocs) which may be suitable for your project.  If you have any IR and Legal queries, feel free to reach out to your IR & Legal Team on (02) 6175 5900.