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All companies and partnerships that hold a building licence are reminded that they are required to comply with sections 28(2)(d) and 28(3)(f) of the Construction Occupations (Licensing) Act 2004, as at 9 June 2020.

This requirement, which was part of the Building and Construction Legislation Amendment Bill 2019 that was passed in November 2019, requires all corporations and partnerships that hold a building licence to also have a written record of policies and procedures for effectively managing and supervising the nominee and the corporation’s or partnership’s obligations under the licence, including arrangements for communicating regularly with the nominee in relation to the construction services provided by the corporation or partnership.

Failure to comply with this section may result in disciplinary action by the Building and Construction Occupations Registrar.

MBA ACT has prepared some tips for you to consider when drafting your nominee policy, which you can read here.