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Prohibition on Engineered Stone Commences on 1 July 2024 – No Transitional Arrangement in the ACT


ACT Government has now confirmed that there will be no transition period for contracts involving the supply, installation or processing of engineered stone benchtops, panels and slabs when the prohibition on engineered stone commences on 1 July 2024.

Members are encouraged to explore alternative products as soon as possible and should not enter into any new contracts for the use of engineered stone benchtops, slabs or panes that may not be fulfilled before the prohibition comes into effect on 1 July 2024.

The prohibition on the supply, installation or processing of engineered stone benchtops, panels and slabs will be commence on 1 July 2024 regardless of the entered date of the contract for engineered stone work.

Between now and 1 July 2024, members must continue to comply with the ACT’s silica safety measures under the Regulations, including ensuring that:

  • workers engaged in crystalline silica work are trained in the mandatory crystalline silica awareness course;
  • an effective combination of wet cutting and one other specified control measure is used when working with (mechanically cutting) engineered stone; and
  • an effective combination of controls are used when working with crystalline silica material other than engineered stone.

The model WHS Regulations, to which the WHS Ministers agreed, sets out a definition of engineered stone to be captured by the ban commencing 1 July 2024:

  • contains at least 1% crystalline silica as a weight/weight concentration,
  • is created by combining natural stone materials with other chemical constituents (such as water, resins, or pigments), and
  • becomes hardened.

If you have questions about silica dust safety and engineered stone ban, please reach out to our Workplace Relations and Legal Team on 02 6175 5900.