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Opportunities for Improvement with the ACT Draft Territory Plan


The draft ACT Territory Plan is being developed as part of a broader review of the ACT Planning System including a new Planning Bill and District Strategies. The ACT Planning Review and Reform Project is arguably the most important reform impacting the local building and construction industry proposed in this term of the Legislative Assembly. All members of the Master Builders Association are impacted by the reform project, in particular the details of the Plan and its implementation.

The operation of the ACT planning system directly impacts approximately 20,000 people working in the local industry and helps deliver $4.5 billion worth of building and construction work completed each year. In turn, this helps generate approximately $1 billion in taxes paid to the ACT Government alone.

On 11 May 2023, we will be hosting an Industry Luncheon with the ‘Chiefs’ of ACT Government, to discuss the upcoming priorities, projects, and opportunities available to the industry, arising from the ACT’s new Territory Plan.

The panel will comprise of:

  • Ben Ponton, ACT Chief Planner, Director-General of EPSDD
  • Catherine Townsend, ACT Architect, Director of Townsend + Associates Architects
  • Adrian Piani, ACT Chief Engineer

At this event, attendees will have the opportunities to pose questions to the panel.

In our submission to the draft Territory Plan we identified eight key recommendations for the ACT Government to consider. You can read these recommendations in our full submission here.