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Operation Safe Prospect Update


Operation Safe Prospect is an ongoing campaign which is focused on improving the safety standards in the residential construction industry.

Inspectors have been taking regulatory action when there is a health and safety risk identified and/or where there is a breach resulting in an offence under the legislation.  The Work Health and Safety (Office of the Work Health and Safety Commissioner) Compliance and Enforcement Policy 2020-2024 defines the following as:

  • Improvement Notice means a written notice Issued to a duty holder to ensure non-compliance (a contravention) with WHS laws are remedied. It cautions the workplace about an unsafe practice, particular hazard or potential risk to health and safety. The notice requires corrective action to be taken within a specified timeframe. Separate notices are issued for identified hazards or alleged breach.  Improvement notices can also be issued under the Dangerous Substances Act 2004.


  • Prohibition Notice means a direction to stop an activity (immediately) until the inspector is satisfied the risk has been remedied. This direction can be given verbally and confirmed in writing. A prohibition notice will be issued in circumstances where there is a serious risk emanating from an immediate or imminent exposure to a hazard.


  • Infringement Notice means an on the spot fines which is used as a mechanism for regulators and inspectors to impose an immediate form of punishment for certain types of breaches, sending a clear and timely message that there are consequences for non-compliance.


Click here to visit WorkSafe ACT’s Operation Safe Prospect webpage.