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 Notifiable Incidents – you Must Report to The Regulator


Members are reminded that there is an obligation to report a death, a serious injury or illness or a serious/dangerous incident or near miss under the WHS legislation.  Whilst the terminology varies slightly between the jurisdiction, the obligation to report remains the same.

Significant penalties apply where a PCBU has failed to comply with its obligations – including failing to report, failing to preserve the site, failure to comply with specific requirements under the legislation, etc.

Notifiable incidents can be reported as follows:


  1. Phone (02) 6207 3000 (business hours) or 0419 120 028 (after hours)to report a serious event or dangerous incident.
  2. Complete and submit a Notification of Incident form within 24 hours.

Further information about notifiable incidents in ACT can be found here.



Phone 13 10 50 (24/7) to report a serious injury or illness, a death or a dangerous incident; and you must also:

  • provide first aid and make sure the worker gets the right care
  • take care not to disturb the incident site until an inspector arrives. You can help an injured person and ensure safety of the site.
  • record it in the register of injuries
  • notify your insurer within 48 hours

Where a worker has contracted COVID whilst at work, you must complete and submit the Notification of confirmed COVID-19 workers in the workplace

Further information about notifiable incidents in NSW can be found here.