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Message from the Secure Local Jobs Code Registrar


The ACT Government is committed to ensuring safe and secure employment across the region and the Secure Local Jobs Code is a major part of this commitment.

The Secure Local Jobs Code Branch administers the operation of the Code but this means we are also here to assist entities in understanding your obligations.

Two critically important components of complying with the Code are ensuring you have a valid Code certificate before submitting a response to a tender or when in contract with the Territory and ensuring that any subcontractors you engage are certified and comply with the Code.

If you are undertaking Territory-funded works and have questions/concerns that arise at commencement or during the project, you can speak to the SLJC to discuss your situation and the options available which may assist to avoid non-compliance with the Code, particularly where there are delays in the renewal of an SLJC Certificate or where there are delays in sourcing Code Certified subcontractors to assist you complete the works.

The SLJC website has a range of information and resources and the team offers regular outreach and education sessions on a variety of subjects relevant to the Code and ETWE.

You can contact the Secure Local Jobs Code Branch on 02 6207 3005 or or If you have queries regarding the Ethical Treatment of Workers Evaluation please contact us at

– Dr Damian West PSM – Secure Local Jobs Code Registrar