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Media Release

Media Release – MBA Calls for Six Month Transition to New Planning System


6 June 2023

Today the ACT Legislative Assembly passed the Planning Bill 2022, signalling a major step forward for planning reform for the ACT.

Master Builders ACT CEO, Michael Hopkins said, ‘The passing of the Planning Bill 2022 signals a major step forward in the much-needed reform of the ACT’s planning system.’

‘It is now critically important that the full set of planning documents be released so that industry can prepare themselves for the transition to the new system,’ he said.

Mr Hopkins said, ‘The new district strategies and outcomes-based approach significantly changes the fundamentals of ACT planning system, and it will take several months for industry members to be trained in the new system and to assess the impact on projects currently in the early planning stages.’

‘The MBA is calling for a minimum six-month transition period from the release of the full set of planning documents and a genuine commitment from Government to run community and industry education sessions on the new planning system,’ he said.

‘The new planning system is a vital tool to address the ACT’s housing shortage, so it is important that Government manage the transition period in a way which retains and supports the investment currently in the early planning stages,’ Mr Hopkins concluded.


Authorised by Michael Hopkins on behalf of Master Builders Association of the ACT.