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MBA Calls for NCC 2022 Transition Period


The 2022 edition of the National Construction Code (NCC 2022) is due for commencement later this year. We are aware that the lack of certainty about commencement timeframes and transition arrangements are causing considerable stress for industry members who are currently designing and seeking approval for projects.

In response to our advocacy, the ACT Government has sought our views on transitional arrangements for residential energy efficiency and condensation mitigation and accessible housing provisions for the NCC 2022.

Consistent with our national position we are seeking a three year transition period for the NCC 2022. In addition, we are seeking transition arrangements for the following circumstances:

  • Where substantial progress has made on the design of the building before commencement of NCC 2022
  • For development approvals granted prior to commencement of NCC 2022
  • For multi-stage projects, where stage 1 has a building approval prior to commencement of NCC 2022

A copy of our submission can be viewed here.