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Launch of “Hazard 2020” campaign


The Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner (OFSC) has launched its “Hazard 2020” campaign with a focus on all work relating to Scaffolding and Mobile Plant which have accounted for the most safety incidents reported by scheme participants over the last 5 years. 

The “Hazard 2020” campaign is a new initiative designed to focus workplaces on these two priority hazards by: 

  • Expanding the range of educational material and information associated with managing these risks on site; 
  • Selecting Mobile Plant and Scaffolding to be part of all on site audits where those risks are present; and 
  • More closely tracking incidents reports and corrective action reports involving Mobile Plant and Scaffolding to better understand the root causes of these safety issues to inform the OFSC’s education and audit approaches. 

The “Hazard 2020” campaign does not bring with it any new audit criteria but instead uses resources like fact sheets and case studies to highlight innovative solutions to better manage risks present when using Mobile Plant and Scaffolding. 

More information on the OFSC’s “Hazard 2020” campaign, including materials and resources, can be viewed here.