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Labour Hire Licensing Scheme


The Labour Hire Licensing Act 2020 (ACT) was passed at the end of 2020, and it is expected the scheme will commence from April 2021. This date is yet to be confirmed by the ACT Government. Details of the scheme itself are also yet to be released, for example, who will be considered to be a labour hire company.

Master Builders ACT have made numerous submissions to the ACT Government and Legislative Assembly Inquiries on labour hire licensing. In particular, we have advocated that related entities must not be included as part of this scheme. Similarly, we have requested that group training organisations are omitted from the scheme as they are already appropriately regulated.

You can read a summary of the ACT Government consultation here.

We will update members when further information is available. Please contact Ashlee Berry, Member Services Director, if you have any queries or concerns in the meantime.