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John Gorton Drive Stage 3C (JGD3C) Project

The John Gorton Drive Stage 3C (JGD3C) Project will be a significant project for the Territory.The project comprises a new Molonglo River bridge and approximately 1.7 km of John Gorton Drive, a dual carriageway arterial road connecting the road sections completed north and south of the river.

The ACT Government project team would like companies interested in this project to be aware that the JGD3C Development Application (DA) package has been publicly notified on the Environment Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD) website.The DA information can be accessed here.

The DA package is based on the JGD3C Preliminary Sketch Plan design and can provide a valuable insight into the development intent.

Given a significant industry interest in this project sending an early notification to the industry associations would be beneficial to the companies interested in the forthcoming stages of this significant project. It should be emphasised that the next project stage, the Design and Construct Stage, is still not funded. The project team anticipates a round of comprehensive industry consultations once the project funding is approved.