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International Women’s Day at the MBA


Top Row L-R: Rosa Josifoski, Gracie Ferreira, Liz Nair 
Bottom Row L-R: Anisha Sachdeva, Ashlee Berry, Karen Porter


International Women’s Day is a very special day for the team at Master Builders ACT.

Currently at Master Builders ACT:

  • We train 65% of the ACT’s female carpentry apprentices
  • Our president, Gracie Ferreira, is the first female president of any Master Builders in our 130-year history
  • Females comprise over 30% of our board
  • 75% of the senior leadership team are females

With so many incredible and empowering women in the construction industry, we spoke to some of the leading ladies at Master Builders ACT to discover why International Women’s Day is important to them.

Rosa Josifoski 
Manager –œ MPR Scaffolding
MBA ACT Alternate Chair – Suppliers and Subcontractors Sector Council

As the Manager of MPR Scaffolding, Rosa’s diverse and important role includes supporting the administration, marketing and finance operations of the company.

“I feel very lucky to see so much change for women with greater inclusion and equal opportunity in the workforce. The conversation is developing to look at how inclusion and shared responsibility in the personal lives of both women and men can see further progress achieved.”

Gracie Ferreira 
Managing Director – Pacific Formwork 
President of Master Builders ACT

Gracie is the President of MBA ACT and has served on the organisation’s Executive Council for 13 years and previously chaired its suppliers and subcontractor’s council. She is the Managing Director of Pacific Formwork Pty Ltd, a specialist provider of formwork solutions to the building and construction industry and a director of Canberra based precast panel manufacturer Precast Projects.

“My vision for IWD was to create a forum for women to feel welcome and supported by the MBA and their peers, I wanted to dispel the myth that MBA is a boys club. I envisioned a space where women don’t feel like they have to be one of the blokes to fit in. A place where between them they can build a close relationship of trust to learn and share ideas and aspirations.”

Liz Nair
Commercial Director –œ Master Builders ACT

Liz has a wealth of experience as a leader of people, business and culture. Liz is passionate about people and uses her leadership to build relationships, mentor, and encourage others to be their best.

“As a leader and advocate for workplace diversity, my goal is to inspire and empower more women to leadership roles, raising the current statistic of 31.5% representation, to 50% over the next two years.”

Anisha Sachdeva 
Director –œ Huon Contractors
MBA ACT Alternate Chair – Civil Contractors Sector Council

Anisha owns a civil engineering construction business specialising in road, bridge and subdivision works in the ACT and NSW. She leads a team of 60 and has successfully delivered civil construction projects for over 15 years. As a director, she manages all fields associated with the day to day business objectives, with a focus on continual improvement.

“Strong women are the ones who not only stand for themselves but for everyone else. Let International Women’s Day be a reminder of the importance to build each other up.”


Ashlee Berry
Member Services Director & Legal Counsel –œ Master Builders ACT

Ashlee and her team provide member services to MBA ACT members, which includes industrial relations, technical and health and safety advice, as well as member events and advocacy on issues impacting the building and construction industry.  

“Having a day set aside to recognise the achievements of women across the world is an important initiative that is no doubt helping to instil a greater confidence in women to grab leadership and other opportunities with both hands. My personal goal is to encourage women across the building and construction industry to take their next leap, even when they don’t have all their ‘ducks in a row’. I’m excited to be involved in the inaugural International Women’s Day event, and look forward to seeing where our Women in Construction group leads in the coming years.”

Karen Porter 
Chief Executive Officer and Chief Energy Officer –œ Solace Creations
MBA ACT Chair – Suppliers and Subcontractors Sector Council

Karen owns and operates a busy supply and install double glazing business in Fyshwick. With over 15 staff, the company has expanded over the last 14 years and continues to provide outstanding service and products to homes across Canberra.

“It is very important that we recognise women in business and in construction.  I would like to see equity for all people in this world as we are all here on this planet and all should enjoy being equals in all aspects of our lives.  IWD celebrates women’s achievements and highlights our role in this world.”