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How Communication with your Client is Crucial to the Success of your Building Contract 


Over the last few weeks, the IR and Legal Team have fielded a number of calls relating to building contracts and the challenges associated with tricky clients. 

Members are encouraged to ensure that they comply with their obligations under the contract, especially when dealing with a tricky client.  We appreciate that sometimes it is hard to continue communicating with the said tricky client, it is crucial to ensuring the success of your obligations under the contract.   

Your contract sets out a number of terms and conditions that apply to both parties.  When dealing with a dispute, it is much easier to assist a member when they have (a) complied with their obligations under the contract, and (b) have an open channel of communication with their client.  

If you are dealing with a tricky client and require some support or if you have questions about your obligations under an MBA Building Contract, reach out to the MBA IR and Legal Team on (02) 6175 5900.