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Government Takes First Steps to Abolish ABCC


The Federal Government has announced significant changes affecting the ABCC and Building Code 2016. These changes were announced on Sunday and are Government’s first moves to make good on its election promise to abolish the ABCC.

Although the changes leave the ABCC and the underpinning legislation in place, they repeal almost all sections of the Building Code 2016. The parts of the Building Code to go are those which are crucial and central to the effective operation of the ABCC as a regulator. In practice, the move all but neuters the ABCC and its ability to enforce compliance with the Code. This means that while ABCC and underpinning BCIIP Act remain for the time being, it will have virtually no Code to enforce and limited enforcement powers.

The new Code and Explanatory Memorandum is attached.

The changes to the Code will be effective immediately. To view the current ABCC advice to industry, click here.

Further information will be provided to members as it becomes available.  For any queries in relation to the changes to the ABCC and/or the 2016 Building Code, please contact Kristie Burt, Legal Counsel, on (02) 6175 5900.