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From 9 June 2023, Sexual Assault is a Notifiable Incident


Person Conducting Business and Undertakings (PCBUs) are required to notify WorkSafe ACT of all incidents and suspected incidents of sexual assault that occur in their workplace from 9 June 2023.

As part of the Workplace Legislation Amendment Bill 2022 (the Bill) that was passed in November 2022, a sexual assault incident will be a notifiable incident. The Bill defines a sexual incident as an incident (including a suspected incident) in relation to a workplace that exposes a worker or any other person at the workplace to sexual assault.

PCBUs have a duty to notify the WorkSafe ACT of a sexual incident by providing the following details of the incident:

  • the name and contact details of the PCBU;
  • a description of the workplace where the incident happened;
  • whether or not the incident was reported to police; and
  • must not give information disclosing the identity of any person involved in the incident.