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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the New Silica Regulation 


When do I need to have my Silica Training completed?

Before 1 October 2023. This means everyone who walks on site on 1 October 2023 will need to have completed their Silica Training. There is currently no transition period or exemption for out of state workers.

All workers in the Work Health and Safety (Crystalline Silica Awareness Training Course and Occupations) Declaration 2022 (Specified Occupations) and those who are reasonably expected to work with silica-containing materials must undertake Silica Training.

Will I be fined if I work with crystalline silica without having Silica Training on or after 1 October 2023?

Yes. You will be fined up to $6000 (for an individual) and $30,000 (for a company).

My occupation is not one in the Specified Occupations, do I still need Silica Training?

Yes, if you work with silica-containing materials or on a site where crystalline silica is present you will still need to undertake Silica Training.

The WHS Regulations require the following people to have silica training:

  • a worker who carries out high risk crystalline silica work; and
  • a worker engaged in an occupation listed in the Specified Occupations.

The definition of high risk crystalline silica work is very broad. It can include people who work on a construction site where silica is present or anyone who is reasonably likely to work with silica containing materials. This may include some delivery drivers, cleaners and other contractors. Any person entering a construction site should be risk assessed on an individual basis.