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EPA Guidelines Released


The Environment Protection Authority’s Environment Protection Guidelines for Construction and Land Development in the ACT have been updated and are now available at Access Canberra.


The guidelines are essential for land developers, builders and anyone carrying out or supervising civil construction and building works. The guidelines highlight the environmental risks involved in land development and construction activities and how to manage these risks to minimise potential harm to human health and the environment.


Incorporating feedback from consultation, the primary focus is on erosion and sediment control, including updated sediment basin requirements and the introduction of a risk-based framework for erosion and sediment control. These measures reflect a preventative approach to minimising pollutants entering our waterways at development and construction sites.


The guidelines also address noise and air emissions, waste management, land contamination, biodiversity, and climate change, incorporating best practice guidance from industry and other jurisdictions.


Please refer to the attached Factsheet for a summary of the key updates.


We encourage you to read and become familiar with these updated guidelines. With renewed focus and direction, we can reduce the environmental risks associated with important development work in our community.


Please note that new Erosion and Sediment Control Plans (ESC Plans) presented to the EPA for endorsement will need to reference, and conform with these new Guidelines.