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Do you know your responsibilities and rights when it comes to right of entry? If you’re not sure, MBA can Assist


Where Right of Entry powers are being exercised by an entry permit holder (for a suspected WHS breach or contravention of the Fair Work Act), it is important that both parties follow the correct procedure, including providing the required notice and allowing access where lawful. 

REMINDER –œ Members are encouraged to comply with their obligations under the law in relation to allowing entry to site where right of entry is properly exercised. A failure to do so can result in you being prosecuted for a breach of the WHS legislation –œ penalties provided below: 


  • A person must not hinder or refuse entry to WHS entry permit holder –œ individual $10,000 / body corporate $50,000 


  • A person must not hinder or obstruct WHS entry permit holder –œ individual $10,000 / body corporate $50,000 

MBA can provide you with in-house training, tailored to suit your needs, at a time/location that suits you and any relevant employees*. 

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