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Cyber Safety with Omni IT: Password Management


Problem: Creating and remembering different passwords for each system.

I was listening to the radio last night and they were making a bit of a mess talking about passwords, how insecure they are and how easy they are to guess/break… but they did not get to discussing how to make passwords safer.

Think about the implications of someone knowing the password to all your systems – I bet you use the same password all over the place – Facebook, your bank, your PC log in, maybe more.

It is recommended to have a different password for every site that you go to and all passwords should be complex – “really, that’s too hard, no-one can remember that many different complex passwords”, can they? Yes they can!

Solution: Use a password manager.

Have one complex password to open the password manager and save all your passwords in the PW manager.

Now, add the PW manager to Google Chrome (or your browser) then every time you go to a new site, the PW manager will ask if you want to save the log in details to that site – say yes. Then go and change the password to that site to some complete random set of numbers, letter and symbols and let the PW manager update its listing. Every time you go to that site from now, the PW will automatically fill out the details for you making it secure with a complex password that you have not had to remember. It’s scary to start, but once you have done it once or twice, you will find it easy, and you will have added a heap of good level of security to your private accounts.

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