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COVID Workplace Assessment Tool Released


The ACT Government has released further advice for workplaces and businesses, including an assessment tool, to help manage workplace exposures of COVID-19. The information is designed to support workplaces and businesses who have been notified that an employee with COVID-19 has attended their workplace during their infectious period. This advice, including advice in the Workplace COVID-19 Exposure Assessment Tool does not form part of formal Public Health Emergency Directions and is therefore advisory in nature.

The Workplace COVID-19 Exposure Assessment tool should be used to inform a proportionate response to mitigate risk of further COVID-19 transmission in the workplace. While the Assessment Tool is designed to be used when responding to an exposure in the workplace, it may also assist business in their planning to decrease potential impacts of workplace exposures if they occur.

The Assessment Tool is available on the ACT Government’s COVID-19 Website for use (

Please note that the Assessment Tool will continue to be revised and refined as our response to COVID-19 continues.