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CEO Update

COVID-19 Cases Continue to Climb in New South Wales


The ACT Government announced today that they will be closing their border to the Greater Sydney area from 4pm today until 11:59pm 2 July 2021.

Non-ACT residents travelling from the Greater Sydney area cannot travel to the ACT, unless an exemption is granted but this is only in exceptional circumstances. ACT residents who have travelled to the Greater Sydney area will be subject to a stay at home order. These new restrictions will likely lead to material and trade delays.

We are recommending that members:

  • Factor these delays into your building pipeline.
  • Speak with your clients to discuss the potential delays that may be experienced. In some instances, contracts may need to be varied or extended.
  • Where contracts are yet to be signed, we recommend that you take into account trade and material shortages, as well as the potential for increased costs, before you do so.

To assist members in having conversations with clients, we have prepared a letter that you may wish to give to your clients. You can access it here.

It is essential that members:

  • Maintain ACT Government recommended health and safety guidelines.
  • If you have visited a COVID-19 hotspot then you must immediately quarantine for 14 days and fill out an ACT Government online declaration form.
  • Immediately get tested if you have visited a COVID-19 hotspot or if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.
  •  Keep note of whether your staff members have travelled or are planning to travel to a COVID-19 hotspot.

Duncan Edghill from, Major Projects Canberra, has released information for the construction industry about today’s announcement. Click here to view the message.

You can also visit the COVID-19 hub on our website to find useful contacts, site signs and other helpful resources. Click here to access our COVID-19 resource page.