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Claiming EOTs for Rain


Members are encouraged to ensure that they are making claims for extensions of time under building contracts following the ongoing rain events in the ACT and surrounds.

An extension of time may be claimed by a party under a contract for a variety of reasons such as inclement weather, the effects of inclement weather on the site, or where there is a delay outside of the control of the party making the claim.

The ACT Home Building Contract, at clause 13, provides the list of delays that a builder may claim an extension of time as well as the process for notifying the client of the extension of time being claimed and the entitlement for costs, where applicable. It is important that you make a claim in accordance with the process described in your contract.

Where you are using another contract, looking at the clause relating to delays and extensions of time will provide you with all the necessary information to allow you to make such a claim. If in doubt, we encourage you to contact us or to seek independent legal advice relating to your rights and obligations.

If you are in doubt as to what is required to make an EOT claim, please reach out to the member services team on (02) 6175 5900.