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CEO Update

CEO Update: We Need More Support to Lead the Economic Recovery Effort


We Need More Support to Lead the Economic Recovery Effort

This week the ACT Greens announced that they were planning to push through major changes to the ACT planning system as they claim, ‘too many planning decisions proceed without genuine community consultation’. We are calling for the ACT Greens Planning Bill to blocked, as this proposal will create more red tape and unnecessary strain on an industry that is carrying the territory’s economic survival on its shoulders.


Any reforms to the planning bill, need to be carefully considered and not be part of an election stunt. Master Builders ACT and other industry groups have written to the Leaders of the ACT Greens, ACT Labor and Canberra Liberals calling for the Bill to be blocked, and for the issues to be referred to the ACT Planning review. The local building and construction industry is ready to lead the economic recovery effort in the ACT, however the industry does not need more regulatory burdens to contend with.


As we fought locally for our industry, Master Builders Australia released their Pre-Budget Submission, calling for the Federal Government to deliver measures that align with their top 5 budget priorities.


These 5 priorities are:

1. Rebuild Australia through investment in building and construction that give back to the economy

2. Rebuild Australia by supporting business performance

3. Rebuild Australia by supporting people in the building and construction industry workforce

4. Rebuild Australia by improving procurement, planning and regulation

5. Rebuild Australia by appointing a Minister for Housing and Construction


Earlier this week you will have received an email with information on proposed changes to the MBA Constitution (MBA Rules). We would appreciate any feedback or comments from our members before finalising the proposed Rule changes.


If you would like to find out more about the proposed Rule changes you can request a summary of the changes by emailing or phone Master Builders ACT on (02) 6175 5900.