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Building & Construction is the #1 Apprentice Employer in the ACT


The latest data from the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) shows 1,272 apprentices and trainees commenced in the building and construction industry in the year to 30 June 2021, maintaining the industry as the number 1 apprentice employer in the Territory. Nearly a third (30.3%) of the ACT’s apprentices in-training on 30 June 2021 were employed in building and construction.

Compared to other industries, apprentices in the building and construction industry represent a greater proportion of commencements (construction = 45%, all industries = 31%). Apprentices in the construction industry also represent a younger age group with 31% being under 20 (all industries = 24%) and 37% being aged 20-24 (all industries = 29%).

Disappointingly, female apprentices across the ACT building and construction industry represent a shockingly small percentage of commencements (5.4%) and completions (3.3%). The ACT’s female construction apprentice commencements are the lowest in the country at 5.4%, compared with 8.3% in Queensland. Clearly much more work needs to be done to attract females to our industry.

While the increase in construction apprentices in training is pleasing to see, apprentice commencements and completions have been trending down in the ACT from a high point in 2018. This year the MBA will have a strong focus on attracting apprentices in a range of trades and careers to meet the current industry needs, adding to our reputation for quality training and industry leading completion rates.