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An Update on Trade and Material Delays


Master Builders ACT continues to hear reports of supply issues with many building materials and trades. This is having an impact on the progress of building works as well as causing an increase in the cost of some materials and trades.

We remind members to:

  • Factor these delays into your building pipeline.
  • Speak with your clients to discuss the potential delays that may be experienced. In some instances, contracts may need to be varied or extended.
  • Where contracts are yet to be signed, we recommend that you take into account trade and material shortages, as well as the potential for increased costs, before you do so.

To assist members in having conversations with clients, we have prepared a letter that you may wish to give to your clients. You can access it here.

Your feedback on these issues is vitally important. Please attend the sector meetings, participate in surveys when they are released, and contact us with your feedback. We need this information in order to advocate on your behalf to government – both locally and Federally – to ensure that where appropriate, action is taken.

If you need assistance or advice in how to extend your contract due to trade or material shortages or delays, please contact the Member Services Team on (02) 6175 5900.