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ACT Portable Long Service Leave


Members are reminded of their obligations to report and make contributions for employees who work in the ACT building and construction industry.

Employers are required to pay a levy contribution to the ACT Leave at the rate of 2.35% of gross ordinary wages of those employees (excluding apprentices).  Employers are also required to submit quarterly returns reporting: eligible workers, the number of days worked, the gross ordinary wages in relation to those days worked and any commencement/termination dates that apply for employees during that quarter.

What is the benefit of the Scheme?

In the ACT, building and construction industry workers registered on or after 1 January 1997 are entitled to 13 weeks’ of long service leave after 10 years of recorded services in the industry.

The portable long service leave scheme allows for employees to transfer from employer to employer without losing the services already accrued within the building and construction industry.

The ACT Leave has a mutual agreement with other states and territories to recognise interstate services. The entitlement claim of interstate service will generally be calculated and paid in accordance with the legislation and policies of that interstate scheme.

If your workers wish to claim some or all of their long service leave entitlement, they can lodge a Claim directly with ACT Leave and they will pay the benefit.

Further information about portable long service leave for building and construction workers in the ACT can be found here.


Correct as at 21 November 2023.