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ACT Engineering Construction Work on the Rise


The volume of engineering construction work done in Australia grew by +3.2% during the June 2021 quarter but is still slightly down (-1.1%) on a year earlier.

In the ACT, the volume of engineering construction work was valued at $184.7 million during the June 2021 quarter.

By ACT historic standards, this is a little on the low side. The highest ever quarterly result was $273.3 million recorded in the June 2017 quarter. Over the past 10 years, an average of $212.3 million worth of engineering construction work has been done each quarter in the ACT.

The June 2021 results is a 7.9% increase versus the March 2021 quarter, and 22.0% up on the June 2020 quarter. These results reflect a strong focus by the MBA ACT and CCF ACT advocating for an increase in capital works expenditure.

Looking forward, a total of $72.50 billion worth of engineering construction work was still underway across Australia at the end of June 2021. Of this:

  • Heavy industry, resources and mining projects worth $21.19 billion were in progress;
  • $17.13 billion related to bridge, railway and harbour projects;
  • $15.92 billion worth of road, highway and subdivision work was underway; and
  • $10.78 billion in electricity construction projects was yet to be done.

In our submission to the October 2021 ACT budget we have urged the Government to maintain its investment in infrastructure spending. This will be vital to supporting the building and construction industry and supporting the ACT’s economy recovery.

The table below provides a summary of the latest results for Australia and the ACT.

Value of engineering construction work done – June 2021 quarter ($ millions) (chain volume measure) Australia ACT
  Seasonally adjusted Seasonally adjusted
June 2021 quarter $22,661.0 $184.7
% change versus March 2021 quarter +3.2% +7.9%
% change versus June 2020 quarter -1.1% +22.0%
12 Months to June 2021 $88,608.4 $650.8
% change versus year to June 2020 -0.3% +2.1%
Highest ever quarterly result $39,765.6 $273.3
Quarterly average of last 5 years $24,006.3 $204.5
Quarterly average of last 10 years $28,981.2 $212.3
Quarterly average of last 15 years $26,670.2 $185.9
Quarterly average of last 20 years $23,043.0 $164.4

Source: Master Builders Australia analysis of ABS Engineering Construction Activity (8762.0)