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ACT Changes to Spatial Mapping and Data Systems


After more than 50 years of using ACT Map Grid, the ACT is adopting the GDA2020 (Geocentric Datum of Australia 2020) and MGA2020 (Map Grid of Australia 2020) for all its surveying, mapping and spatial data.

Adopting these new systems in the ACT has several key advantages. The change will rationalise ACT mapping systems and integrate the ACT spatial data with the rest of Australia, including NSW where they are already in use.

Official adoption of GDA2020 and MGA2020 is anticipated in the first quarter of 2023.

People who produce spatial data or engage others to do so will need to migrate their workflow and the data they produce to GDA2020.

The ACT Surveyor General Greg Ledwidge will provide additional information for members over the coming months.