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A Reminder for this Long Weekend: Travelling and Staying Safe


This long weekend, MBA encourages you to spend some time doing the things that you love with your loved ones.  Now is the perfect opportunity to have a few days away from work to recoup from what has been an intense year.   

Doing something as simple as sitting down and enjoying a meal with the family, kicking a ball with a mate or walking the dog, might be enough to relax and unwind, even just a bit, before the run into Christmas.  If you are lucky enough to get the boat on the water, we hope the fishing is plentiful. 

If you are travelling, remember to travel safe, take it easy (double demerits are in force) and to comply with all COVID social distancing and related rules.  MBA encourages you to also keep an eye on the relevant health websites (ACT / NSW) to determine where active COVID-19 cases are and to avoid these areas, if possible. 

If you are not feeling ‘yourself’ or if you are worried about someone you know, there are support options available: 

  • Ozhelp Support Line (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm) –œ 1300 694 357 

  • Lifeline (24 hour crisis support) –œ 13 11 14 or text line (6pm-12am) –œ 0477 13 11 14 

  • Beyond Blue –œ 1800 512 348 

If you need emergency assistance, call 000. 

Further information about looking after your mental health during COVID-19 can be found here.