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A Message from the Secure Local Jobs Code Registrar


The Secure Local Jobs Code Registrar has prepared a message for industry as follows:

“Firstly let me thank industry for the work you do and collaboration that occurs with the ACT government. The last few years have presented many challenges and hurdles for everyone across the region. The Territory does not function without the ongoing support from businesses and industry that deliver projects and services to support us and the Canberra region every day. It has been a busy year so far for the Secure Local Jobs Code with the launch of the Ethical Treatment of Workers Evaluation (ETWE) and the addition of new compliance powers to help us monitor and support entities comply with the Code but there is still plenty of work to do.

Whether you have won work with the Territory or are seeking to work with the Territory it is important to understand the Code and how to comply. Most importantly  you need to know we are here to help. There are regular outreach sessions that provide updates and information on the code and ETWE, these can be found on our website Secure Local Jobs – Procurement ACT. Alternatively the team can be contacted via email or call the branch to ask for help Monday – Friday between 8:30am and 4pm on (02) 6207 3005.

In the coming months if you have contracts with the ACT government it is likely you will hear from our compliance team and possibly even see us out and about on sites. Our compliance officers will be undertaking outreach and compliance checks to work with industry to ensure we collectively support safe and secure jobs across the region.

Whether you are in contract with the Territory or are a subcontractor working on a Territory project it is important you understand your responsibilities including:

  • that you hold a valid code certificate before submitting a response for tender
  • that SLJC certificate holders maintain certified while undertaking territory funded works
  • That the Head contractor only engages other certified sub-contractors to do work covered by the code.
    This includes being aware if your sub-contractors are engaging sub-contractors and making sure everyone complies with the requirements.

If you have trouble or delays with applying or renewing a certificate with an approved auditor or particular challenges with subcontractors and certification contact us.
We can expedite your certificate process with your selected Auditor, but if we don’t know there’s an issue, we can’t investigate the hold-up.

We look forward to continued collaboration to ensure safe and secure jobs for the region.

Secure Local Jobs Code Registrar
Dr Damian West