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2020 Master Builder and Asset Construction Hire Excellence Awards Work Health & Safety

WH&S Commercial

  • Lendlease Building

Lendlease Building ACT

Lendlease Building ACT have undertaken a number of projects across the Canberra Region over the last 12 months, including the Chifley Library Upgrade, Australian Parliament House, Poppy’s Café Carpark Extension and the R5R6 Upgrade to Defence. The projects involve high risk elements including work near complex live services. Lendlease’s Global Minimum Requirements Framework (GMRs), is considered best practice and is currently higher than the industry requirements. They have created custom Flexible and Inclusive Team (FIT) plans across all of their projects, which helps establish clear cultural charters from the beginning of the project. Lendlease Building ACT were the pilot company for the OzHelp Wellbeing Empowerment Program, the program was so successful that it is now being rolled out across Lendlease Australia.

WH&S Targeted Risk Management System

  • Downer EDI Works

Looking in the Mirror

Downer EDI Works have implemented the ‘Looking in the Mirror’ process across their projects to help identify areas
of improvement and ensure compliance across the company. The process, which is often used by sporting teams,
involves a jobsite being randomly selected and a short video taken of the work being completed. The supervisor
then reviews the video with the team before the next shift and problems are identified. The team then discusses the
appropriate solutions. It is also a chance for supervisors and managers to identify the safety measures that the team
is succeeding at. The process is now incorporated into the everyday communications between the teams and it
forms part of the KPI’s when goal setting for middle managers.