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2022 Master Builders and Asset Construction Hire Excellence Awards

WHS Commercial

  • AMA Projects

Sirius Building New Ways of Working

This project required the delivery of the 4,800m2 re-fit of a floor in the Sirius Building in Woden as part of the New Ways of Working (NWOW) Workplace project. This project served as a pilot program for the remaining floors of the building, with the intention to replicate the modern, flexible and healthy working environment throughout the building.  The AMA Projects team used a comprehensive formal risk management as part of their Integrated Management System (IMS) to help identify and mitigate risks throughout the project.

WHS Residential

  • McDonald Jones Homes

McDonald Jones WHS

The McDonald Jones team exhibit outstanding commitment to improving, implementing and following relevant Work, Health and Safety practices. This includes a Work, Health, Safety, and Environment Management plan that clearly outlines the responsibilities of all project stakeholders. In addition to the existing WHS practices, McDonald Jones Homes are rolling out a WHS Monitor system which will further integrate health and safety into daily workflow. The dedicated WHS team at McDonald Jones Homes also conducts daily onsite audits to ensure opportunities for growth are identified and implemented.