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2021 Master Builders and Asset Construction Hire Excellence Awards Sustainable Construction

Sustainable Civil Project

  • Wodens,

  • Transport Canberra and City Services

Northbourne Avenue Pavement Rehabilitation

This project involved upgrading the 3 lanes stretched across 1.3km along Northbourne Avenue. The team utilised foamed bitumen for the in-situ pavement stabilization which allowed 5,500 tons of material to be recycled on site, reduced imported material by 65%, and fast tracked the program.

Through changes to the original design, the teams were able to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 87%. Wodens also installed erosion and sediment controls throughout the site which ensured no muddy water entered the stormwater system and protected local flora and fauna.

Sustainable Residential Project

  • Bespoke Building Services,

  • Light House Architecture & Science


This traditional red brick home has been transformed into a modern, functional and highly energy efficient home. By using thermal performance simulation to ensure that the home was optimized for the site and Canberra climate, this house now performs at 7.6-star energy efficiency. Materials from the partially demolished garage were reincorporated into the beautiful outdoor entertaining space. Salvaged timber was used to give life and character to the home, with it being used for the internal flooring, external cladding and decking, the home is built to stand the test of time.