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2020 Master Builder and Asset Construction Hire Excellence Awards Project of the Year

2020 Project of the Year

  • Construction Control Australia,

  • Amalgamated Property Group

Civic Quarter

This project involved the design and construction of a high-end office building equipped
with six levels of split-level basement parking, a business centre, business lounge and
café. The building is cleverly designed with a glass façade and minimal columns to
maximise on the incredible view overlooking Veterans Park. The building achieves high
Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) performance with a 5-star NABERS energy
rating and Silver Core and Shell WELL rating. The project was designed with adaptable
floor plates to allow for tenant flexibility, as well as a specially designed and tested
fireproof wall, to suit this project. The building is equipped with advanced features that
make it a very impressive and functional modern office space. The V-columns in the
foyer provide functional structural stability as well as adding to the architectural brilliance
of the space.
The Excellence Awards judges noted the, ‘State of the art monitoring and communication
throughout the building’ as particularly impressive features of the building.
The team displayed innovative practices by manufacturing and assembling the up to
12m long prefabricated metal risers offsite. The assembly process included mechanical
ductwork, chilled and hot water pipework and the incorporation of access platforms
to help the rigging team safely install the risers. The team’s careful approach to the
installation process reduced the safety risks and ensured they delivered a high quality
finished product.

Throughout the project the team showed dedication to delivering a high-quality
project, even creating a mock-up fireproof wall to verify that it was compliant.
They also created test columns to check that they had the best concrete mix and
installation method for the feature V-columns.
Every facet of the project shows an exceptional calibre of work and an
architecturally brilliant design. The high attention to detail and the commitment to
quality, makes this project an exceptional addition to Canberra’s urban landscape.