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2021 Master Builders and Asset Construction Hire Excellence Awards Civil

Civil Bridgeworks

  • Wodens

Gundaroo Drive Duplication Stage 2

This project involved duplicating the single carriageway of Gundaroo Drive to accommodate the 40,000 vehicles a day that use this roadway. This also included the widening of cycleways, existing bridges, adjusting bus stop facilities and upgrading the existing intersection. The project was a huge undertaking with over 15,300 tons of heavy-duty asphalt used throughout the project. The project also involved redesigning stormwater lines to improve safety and efficiency. The team ensured there was minimal disruption to commuters and residents by executing detailed traffic management plans, as well as installing noise reducing walls to protect surrounding homes.

Civil Cycle Path

  • Cord Civil

Belconnen Bikeway Construction Stage 1 & 2

This project included the construction of a new 4.7km cycle path as part of the Belconnen Town Centre Active Travel Plan. The team conducted soft and hard landscaping works and built a new 200m two-tiered stone retaining wall. The project required extensive traffic management and significant intersection modifications including a full upgrade and modernisation to the existing intersection. The underlying gravel was reclaimed and used in pavement areas throughout the project. The team collaborated with the Belconnen Men’s Shed to donate over 1,000 steel posts to rural communities affected by bushfires.

Civil Hydraulic

  • Cord Civil

Crace Odour Control & Ventilation Works

This project involved relocating the existing sewer odour control facility and the construction of a new fan house building at the base of Percival Hill. The team also delivered a new 600m glass reinforced pipe that extends 400m up the hill to the new vent stack. The team diligently adhered to the project specific Construction Environment Management Plan to ensure all fauna and their habitats in the Nature Reserve were undisturbed. Another impressive action taken by the team was to reuse the onsite spoil for reshaping the pipe alignment, which also saved over 125 truck movements from disturbing the site.

Civil Other

  • Huon Contractors

Taxiway Bravo Northern Extension

This project involved earthworks, hydraulic works, the installation of aeronautical ground lighting and the laying of pavements to extend the taxiway. The extension helps Canberra airport provide safer and more efficient aircraft movements for all planes that enter the runway. The project required detailed planning and extensive consultation with Canberra Airport to ensure the project met all of the required safety specifications. To ensure a lasting finished product the team specially manufactured a 50-ton Marco roller with extreme tyre pressures of 1400 KPA. The result is a high-quality finished product that will accommodate the travels of many Canberrans.

Civil Roadworks

  • Wodens

Gundaroo Drive Duplication – Stage 2

This project involved the duplication of Gundaroo drive from a single carriageway to a new dual carriageway. The works included widening the road, constructing cycleways, updating existing bridges and upgrading intersections. The team laid over 15,300 tons of heavy-duty asphalt and relocated and adjusted high voltage, high-pressure gas and optic services in a safe and effective way. Wodens were able to reduce the noise impact to the local residents by installing noise reducing barriers. The upgraded roadway provides a safer and more enjoyable journey for the over 40,000 vehicles that travel along it each day.

Civil Subdivision

  • Huon Contractors,

  • Calibre Group & Riverview Projects (ACT)

Strathnairn Stage 2A and 2B1

This project involved the construction of 346 residential dwellings, the construction of a 5.6m high curved concrete retaining wall and the laying of over 3,500m² of exposed aggregated concrete. The project also required the installation of an off-site truck sewer, remediation to the nearby ‘Steam E’ and a new carpark for ‘The Link’ offices. The development site is located on a plateau, elevated above the Murrumbidgee River, and drains via a single smaller watercourse to the river. Despite the technically difficult aspects of the project, the team made sure they adhered to a strict environmental management plan to protect the nearby wildlife.

Civil Urban Renewal

  • Huon Contractors

Edinburgh Avenue Extension Stage 1

This project involved the extension of Edinburgh Avenue from London Circuit to Vernon Circle to allow access to the nearby mixed-use development. This work included constructing a new four lane avenue, upgrading and implementing new signalisation at existing intersections and installing more than 500m³ of Stratavault. The team used approximately 800m² of granite and segmental paving to ensure a seamless integration between new and existing paving. Throughout the project the team showed a commendable commitment to safety by protecting existing services and minimising a number of high-risk elements.