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2022 Master Builders and Asset Construction Hire Excellence Awards

2022 Project of the Year

  • Hindmarsh Construction Australia

ANU Physics

This out of this world project involved the construction of the ANU Physics purpose-built research laboratory building including one of Australia’s largest cleanroom facilities. This project required laser focus with technically complex elements including mechanical services that ensure a cascading positive pressure regime is maintained, using polished stainless-steel tubing continuously welded, heat traced or in coaxial secondary tubing to withstand the toxicity of a number of gases used in this lab and to monitor for any gas leakage.

The building comprises of an 800 square-metre open-plan clean room, 22 stable labs constructed to a very high standard of vibration control (VC-F), Electron microscope suites at level 3, 29 different laboratory gases, a purpose built gas monitoring and alarm system, dangerous chemical handling systems and electromagnetic radiation controls across structure and services.

An important part of vibration control was the use of 50mm isolation joints throughout the building structure, to ensure building movement or settlement would not breach the gap.

The outcome of this diligent work, is an extraordinary facility that defies expectations and the bounds of a typical project.